Mitigation and Compensation Design

Why is ecological mitigation and compensation needed?

Design of appropriate mitigation and compensation measures is essential to ensure a high quality development which both meets your needs and addresses all relevant ecological constraints, in line with wildlife law and best practice guidelines.

What should you expect to happen?

Following on from preliminary ecological appraisal, initial recommendations for mitigation and compensation measures will be made and discussed with you. Where additional survey work is required, these recommendations will evolve over time, tailoring requirements to the specific findings of work undertaken. Ideally, development plans should be provided to allow us to complete provide accurate recommendations, although we can work on a worst case scenario basis until plans are finalised.

We will work with you throughout the duration of the project to provide an appropriate level of mitigation and compensation, ensuring that your proposals proceed in a cost effective and timely manner, whilst avoiding and mitigating adverse impacts on biodiversity.

What experience do E3 have?

Having undertaken close to 5000 ecological projects, the team has broad experience of mitigation design for both fauna and habitat loss. No matter how small or large your project is, we can draw on years of experience of providing appropriate mitigation.