Ecological Clerk of Works

Why might you need an Ecological Clerk of Works?

During the construction phase of your development, you may require input from an Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) to provide method statements, inductions to contractors, pre-works checks for protected species, nesting bird checks and supervision of elements of work. This is typically to ensure that relevant ecology related planning conditions can be discharged and to ensure that works proceed in line with relevant legislation.

What should you expect to happen?

Key recommendations and mitigation requirements will be provided to you at the planning application stage by the ecologist responsible for management of ecological work on your project. This may include method statements, pre-works checking surveys for species such as badger and red squirrel and nesting bird checks.

The ECoW will work with site staff and contractors to provide these checks and surveys, and can also provide supervision and advice to ensure method statements are being followed. They can supervise elements of work and identify and help to resolve any ecological issues that may arise on site.

When can surveys be carried out?

Timings will depend on requirements.

What experience do E3 have?

The E3 team are very experienced in working with the construction sector to provide ecological advise during the construction phase of  your development. We will utilise key members of the team to provide different ECoW services where appropriate.