Ecological Impact Assessment

Why might you need an Ecological Impact Assessment?

The delivery of Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA) forms a core element of the work undertaken by E3 Ecology and is typically required to fully assess potential impacts of proposed development works and to allow appropriate mitigation and compensation measures to be developed. This is a key requirement for the majority of planning applications.

What should you expect to happen?

Ecological Impact Assessment typically follows a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal and relevant additional survey work being carried out, and ideally should follow a design freeze for your project. An assessment of the ecological value of your site will be made and impacts will be considered at the construction and operational phases.

Larger developments may require ecological input into full Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA). E3 have the expertise to assist you at all stages of EIA developments, including input to screening, delivery of survey work and production of ecology chapters of Environmental Statements and technical appendices.

When can surveys be carried out?

Assessments can be carried out at any time.

What experience do E3 have?

E3 have extensive experience in ecological impact assessment with projects covering a broad spectrum of develompent types and scales. This has included, for example, small scale barn conversions, housing sites and single turbine schemes, up to major wind farm, power line and road realignment schemes as well as large housing, hospital and school developments. Recent EIA projects worked on include large industrial and quarrying sites, including both sand and gravel extraction, stone quarrying and opencast coal, and large, multiphase housing developments.